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Should I Tell Him that She Died?

Posted on September 17, 2016 at 8:00 AM

While my mind is in a place of bewilderment, my spirit embraces the fullness of  Divine Grace. It is from this Grace I live. but I am human.

Should I tell Brother Rainn that a child whom he had known and mentored had been found dead.   He resides behind the walls in a 6x9 cell, should I bring to him more burden, such tragic news of the passing of  Robin, a child not much older than his bioogical daughter.  Should I tell him the semi-unknown story of her death, that she was found in an abandoned building which had been damaged by fire.  Should I tell him such horrrid detail, and when should I tell him and how do I tell him, should I tell him in a letter or should I tell him as we speak on the  phone. Yes, I will tell him because it is  and not about how i fee or how he will feel, it is our responsiility to reason to the next realm of action, it is time to re-evaluate, to remember the conversations with Robin, of  her situations and realities and of our perceptions and and responses. It is time to go back and try to fill in the blanks/spaces/things that we missed and the words that were spoken and felt but we did not listen closely to understand the voices as they became ONE, talking at the same time; crying out for help to stop the painful memories of various abuses from consuming their childhood. It is time to work harder and with God's Grace.

Indeed, I must tell him. I will write him a letter!

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