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Most from the Worst -Inspired by B.O.L.D.

Posted on February 6, 2016 at 10:00 PM

I have been taking the most from the worst

Creating monsters like fleet ships

Stretching my abuse for a lifetime

Maybe even passing it on to my lifeline

I have been abusing my life so terribly 

Dreams standing still in my head while fear constanly rings the bell

Clouding out the good thoughts that life has to tell

Why do these abusive thoughts continue to lead my  life  

Waiting up for me daily day and night

Is it that I am weak and without plan

For without a plan I cannot take my life  stand

Is it my thoughts leading me away

Toward a life that is not healthy to stay

Oh, no, it's time to take a stance

And If time should  stop today

I will swing around and get my life straight right away

Will start right now

Bringing in a smile to my mind

Keeping it constant I will never lose my time's mind

I will dance in and I will dance out

I will dance daily on life's mind doubt 

No longer will I abuse a life so short

Will governed the gifts of God constantly heard about

Giving honour and thanks for the life which surrounds me 

I will Create the peace and blessings as I  gently lay abuse out of my way

Creating the most from my life today.


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