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B. Brown - Smyrna Inmate

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"I'm Taking Control of My Life, I'm ready Today For Tomorrow."

Justice for All - "Innocence Has No Statue of Limitations"

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My Brother Muti (Uhuru sasa, ndugu(freedom now, brotha) exemplifies the embracing of the strength left for us by our ancestors.  Determined to fight injustice, there is a possibility that he would be gaining his freedom any day now.  His philosophy is "Innocence has no statue of Limitation"  I am very happy for my brother, he has a great wisdom and will contribute much to our society.

Poem Written by Muti to Me:

"Empress Em"

Pictured Papyrus

Winded West To The Keystone State

Stately Sistah Sailed Silently

Entered A Hidden Chamber In The Sticks

Then She Personified NU Direction

He Seen The Sage And Smoldering Surge For Redemption

Tiara And Tomes

A Tinge of Her Domain

A Plane For Prisoners To Peruse Pages

Questing For Habilitated Consciousness

Elevated Melanated Living

Full Embrace Of Afrikan Identity

Recapturing Words That Activate

Deliberate Steps

Augumenting The Best Of The Ancestors

Kemetic Rebirth

Dissapates The Pale Brain Chains

Empress Em To The Rescue

The Reign is Sweet.

Court Victories

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Earlier last year, I shared the experience of a young man I met who was  sentenced to life in prison for the murder of  a friend when he was 16 years old. He has been fighting for his freedom despite the verdict of guilty.  After two appeals, the judge rendered a 40 to Life sentence and in the second appeal, the judge rendered a decision of 35 to Life.  I wish him much blessing and continued fight for his freedom.  Only the truth can set you free!    

Fighting for Freedom

Posted on September 16, 2014 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Tme is so precious, if only we could feel the beauty of time. I was reminded of this yesterday as I sat in a laywer's office in Media; the lawyer is preparing his statements for the re-sentencing of my adopted God-son. In 2012, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the taking of a life.  It happened when he was 16 years old. he is now 21 years old.  Here comes time again; they would like to see how time spent in prison has impacted his life; impact meaning, while in prison, has he had any altercations, write-ups; is he programming to aid in his rehabilitation.  These self-directed initiatives are important to his lawyer to present his case in order for the  judge to decide whether this young man would ever be in control of his time again.  It's heartbreaking; while I want him to be given a chance at freedom, I wished  the mother who lost her son could have time with her son too. As my God-son stated: "if it is Allah's will, then it shall be" I agree.  A compassionate heart know that all life is precious, no matter the circumstances. My wish is for humanity to understand the value of time.  

Rest in Peace Jalan

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I have experience the anguish and the void death brings and leaves with you.  It may be the death of a loved one who you have know all of your life or a young man you recently met from a letter he wrote to you while he was incarcerated.  Jalan was his name. He met me at the bookstore for the first time and I remembered his smile and his hug.  I won't go into our conversation, but it was on a positive vibe; his goals were definitely obtainable because the desire and the passion were there. It did'nt happen! it didn't happen because Jalan was shot seven times in the chest in front of the home of his love and his daughter. Jalan shared his desires with me, visit us at the bookstore and walk the exhibit and take the feelings with you to perform the desires os your heart and include a small change toward the good of humanity.  Please remember, when we are ready to do so, we can turn this around. "Together we Aspire, Together we Achieve." 

My point of view:

"When a man takes his brother's life, he is bonded with his brother for the rest of his life;

You become your brother's keep in death; you along with his loved ones will keep his spirit  alive forever."

Black Men

Posted on October 31, 2013 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

As Black men

We have become partners in our own demise

As Black Men

We must simultaneously shoulder some of

the responsibility

For developing intervention strategies

That willuntimately impact on this


As well as society in general

-Parham- 1989.

Heard from Omar today

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Omar is one of my God-sons; he is one of the many young men who through tragedy, entered into my life and I into theirs.  Together,  we seek  happiness as we endure the sufferings of being alive.  I seek happiness in a so-called free world and Omar seeks happiness in a community filled with iron bars and ignorance.  

Voices Reign-Last Living Breed

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     I am at peace with Life.  A youth shared her emotions with me and I decided to put her on film because the tears came but the voice could not be heard; so I listened as she spoke of being nineteen, the last living breed she called her genearaiton, caught up in the experiences of the economic war.  Spoke of the violence, cried about the violence and the lives that violence takes.  (Check out the video on You Tube ) They are the children of  economic poverty, by default; experiencing it right here, right now, at home in our neighborhoods, right here, at home, in America.   

"Just Try It"

Spent my life on a trip

Since it's all I got,

A lot of laughter & fun,

Regrettably for me, it was not.

Been on a mission for peace,

Becuz I'm worth it.

The protector of my heart is me & never will I hurt it.

From "Letters To Ms. Em"